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Tran Forsythe tran_fors at
Wed Jul 3 19:26:44 CDT 2002

--- Doug Miles <doug.miles at> wrote:

> So, is anyone planning on attending?

You betcherass, I'm attending; I'm not letting the
(probably intentionally) bad timing of this event
undermine my attendance.  I'll just tell my boss I'm
doing my part for the whole "Amex & the community"
thing, and he can't say a word, it's part of his
officially documented goals for this year ;)

(Now the only trick will be waking up that early...)

Any ideas on how we can send RSVP's, Doug?  There's no
phone # listed, and there's almost certainly no way
they'll be answering the phone until Monday.  I
suppose we can always just show up... ;)

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