How about..? Re: Fundraising

Scott Wessels swessels at
Wed Jul 3 13:35:15 CDT 2002

From: "Frooninckx Craig - cfroon" <Craig.Frooninckx at>

> Good suggestions, especially #9, since that is Bill's favorite language.  I
> just told a couple of my friends that use Perl and they are going to make a
> contribution, they weren't aware.  I also sent a note to a couple of other
> friends over seas that will make a contribution as well.  I am discovering
> that a lot of people that use Perl are not aware of this situation at this
> time, so I am working on getting the word out beyond those that know.  
> By nature, we are a very creative problem solving group, and would think
> that we can come up with something...

It's already noted on Perl Monks (, perhaps we can get some /. exposure?

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