Final Plans for Damian Pilgrimage

Tran Forsythe tran_fors at
Thu Jan 24 10:56:00 CST 2002

--- Andrew Johnson <lajandy at> wrote:
> Hey, who's driving?  I kinda need a ride, since I
> don't have a clue as
> to where we're going...

I am; I'll likely be starting off in the Metro (mall)
area.  Where-all are the rest of the potential
car-poolers taking off from?

Btw, all, from experience driving to Tucson (I drove
down every weekend for about a year to game), a couple
tips... and forgive me if you've all driven there
1) It's better to have someone else in the car; the
drive back at night is long, boring, and thus can be
dangerous if you don't have someone to chat with.
2) Watch out for the speed trap; just as you enter
Tucson, the speed limit drops to 65 then 55 within a
3-4 mile stretch.  It's very easy to miss at least one
of the signs.

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