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Thu Jan 17 16:06:14 CST 2002

Frooninckx Craig - cfroon wrote:
> I've coded myself into a corner and now have to give into accepting the fact
> that I need a debugger to work myself out of the corner.  I feel great
> frustration with the perl debugger, getting around a very complex set of
> object oriented packages, is there another option??  Does another debugger
> exist that (forgive me for even thinking this...) has a GUI so I don't have
> to learn new commands in a jam?

I use three different "GUI" debuggers. The first is the Perl TK
Debugger. You need to have Tk installed, but I use this the most. It's
free and available on CPAN.

The 2ed is Komodo from ActiveState. I use this in the Perl class I teach
at Chandler-Gilbert CC. It's slooowww and cost real money unless you are
not using it to do for profit development.

The last is a system I developed that I call VIGOR. It uses the VIM
editor (thus you can develop with VIM and VIGOR :-) I hope to present a
paper at OSCON this year on this system.

I hope that this is of some help!
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