Damian status

Scott Walters phaedrus at
Wed Jan 16 05:28:50 CST 2002


I've only bits and clues.

Doug is still trying to solve how to securely store and forward funds,

Realisticly, we don't have a conference room, though renting one has
been suggested. This could be solved now if someone were motivated to
do this. I would if I could...

None of us know Tuscon well enough to make reservations at a suitable
resturant. If we had reservations, a seperate room, and a large orange
extention cord, we'd be in bussiness.

Kurt and Doug have both commented that they could check out a data
projector from work.

There has been no concensus taken on weither it's worth the trip
for mearly dinner with Damian, and no presentation. 

Happy insomnia,

On Wed, 16 Jan 2002, edelweiss wrote:

> Eden Li wrote:
> > So what exactly is the status with Damian?  (I deleted too
> > many emails :(
> >
> > eden
> That's what I'VE been trying to find out.  I got a bit exasperated
> when no one answered.  Didn't the group already drive
> down to Tucson to see Damien?
> Tony

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