Of software and fish

Scott Walters scott at
Fri Dec 6 01:05:26 CST 2002

> Will it be illegal for a secretary to write a macro?
> Is there actually any boundary between using a computer,
> and programming one?
> No.
> Or, prove to me that there is.

No. I agree. I've allowed for that in my argument, using the word
"useful". You'll be able to program - in fact you'll always be able
to go into the basement and fire up Perl 5.005 for AmigaOS on your
3000 (or 5.10 on your AMD 3000), but if everything that is 
interesting to people is done as a Passport enabled Web Service
(SOAP), you may be excluded from the realm of "interesting things"
by a matter of definition, much as interesting things in electronics
are done using integrated circuits, excluding electronics hobbyists.

I actually see casual scripting becoming easier in the future. Of
course, I can only see into the future standing on my soap box ;)


> \\/

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