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Hal, you missspeeled "more".

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PLEASE!  I love chatting, but I am getting tired of all the tons of spelling

and grammar errors.   This is another thing that compromises any hope of a 
professional image for this field.  We all need to keep on each other about 
written presentations.

Every day, I see this in newspapers, TV (especially the crawlers on the news

networks), and on web pages.  It is particularly disappointing to see this 
lack of professionalism on premier web sites, particularly the ones who 
purport to be experts in some field or another.

I hate:

* Spelling errors.
* Grammatical errors.
* Run-on sentences.
* Misused words.
* Lack of understanding of difference between "its" and "it's" (first is a 
possessive pronoun; second is an abbreviation for "it is").
* Lack of commas.
* Too many commas.
* Using period where there should be a semicolon.
* Using "but" or "and" when the opposite is meant.

There are moore ,and, I canot thimk of then know.  Its taken to long to 
decypher whant I read, and sometimes I half to re-read a think more than
to get it.  Big waist of my thyme.


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