Accessor Methods

Tran Forsythe tran_fors at
Tue Apr 30 20:19:00 CDT 2002

*laugh* Yeah, I remember, though I'm amazed anyone else did ;)  I almost
always use 'em myself, I was really just playing devil's advocate, seeing if
there was a reason other than "good form".  Looks like you found one; thanks
for letting me in on it ;)


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> Hey Kurt!
> You asked a question a few meetings ago about the reason for using
> accessor methods. (I hope you remember what I'm talking about. :) )  I
> dind't have a very good answer before, but I do now.  I just had to
> change a couple of instance attributes to class attributes.  These
> particular attributes are used all over the place in my code.  By using
> accessor methods, I was able to just change the accessors, and nothing
> else, which save me a lot of work.  I hope that answer is more helpfull.

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