mod_perl tuning

Lowell Hamilton syz at
Fri Apr 5 10:37:26 CST 2002

Highly cool .. thanks =)  

I did find the mod_perl cookbook to be very helpful, although I've ended
up asking questions on lists quite a bit.  Very few people seem to
really know mod_perl that well other than just speeding up apps.  Only
the most dedicated perl programmers stuck with mod_perl when their sites
slowed down, and the rest all learned php or something else.  ;(  Just
reading around, like the /. discussion about the E-Toys mod_perl site, 
showed that the general community stinks as far as supporting or
recommending mod_perl ;(

For things like global die() catchers/notifiers (like CGI::Carp would
do) and really integrating apps into Apache, people have drawn a blank
everywhere.... so the quest for more documentation lives on :>

All in all though ... mod_perl is quite swell and I doubt I'll be doing
much coding now for larger jobs that I see this power.  


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On Fri, 2002-04-05 at 00:07, Andrew Johnson wrote:
> Since we recently had a discussion about mod_perl, I thought some might
> be interested in the series Stas Bekman has done for ApacheWeek,
> "Improving a mod_perl Driven Site's Performance."  The following link
> points specifically to part 6, "Sharing Memory":
> There are links to the other 7 parts of the series on the ApacheWeek
> features page:

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