Mailing list problems was: (Re: Fwd: PERL, PHP an d Linux Jobs)

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Mon Sep 10 12:02:12 CDT 2001

     I got this message (plus the other ones sent on Saturday). Ya know, to be honest, I don't recall receiving a notice for the last meeting.
     In other news, if there are enough people that missed last week's talk and were interested, I can certaily repeat it at some point. With redgard to the slide presentation, Mark-Jason Dominus has graciously allowed me to have his code in the slides. Still working on Damian.
                       - Rob

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Doug and Julie Miles wrote:
> At 03:29 PM 9/7/01 -0400, you wrote:
>> Yo.
>> Did we slide by a meeting time? I started to feel the itch, but have 
>> heard nothing yet.
>> Of course, looking at a calender is too scientific for these sorts of 
>> things. Perhaps
>> I've bounced too many messages and been kicked off the list =)
> I apologize to those who did not receive the message.  There must have 
> been some sort of problem with the list.  Did anyone receive it?

Hellooooo... Did anyone receive this message?  I'm getting messages 
back, but I'm trying to determine if there is a mailing list issue. 
Please give me some feedback.

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