Fwd: PERL, PHP and Linux Jobs

Doug and Julie Miles djmilesfamily at
Sat Sep 8 13:13:49 CDT 2001

At 03:29 PM 9/7/01 -0400, you wrote:

>Did we slide by a meeting time? I started to feel the itch, but have heard 
>nothing yet.
>Of course, looking at a calender is too scientific for these sorts of 
>things. Perhaps
>I've bounced too many messages and been kicked off the list =)

I apologize to those who did not receive the message.  There must have been 
some sort of problem with the list.  Did anyone receive it?

>I've been working on a Fuzzy Logic module. The one on CPAN is minimal to 
>the point of
>missing serious points. I'm trying to do something powerful enough for 
>good creature AI,
>yet usable enough for laymen. At some point I'd like to post it to the 
>list and get
>usability feedback. I don't want to present a fuzzy-logic-how-to unless 
>atleast a few
>people are willing to give me pre-presentation feedback (*guilt* *guilt* 
>*guilt*). I
>want to turn over a new leaf and write code that is liable to be used by 
>someone besides
>myself =)
>I'll post a little later.

Sounds good...

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