Directory munging [was: Re: Three snippets]

Eden Li at
Sat May 5 16:29:23 CDT 2001

For one, map likes to output stuff in its return value so its
taking tons of extra CPU time to do it.  If you're not going
to use the output, why make it waste time like that.  I
think some of the ORA books out there about Perl explain
why this is a Bad Thing (tm), but I've forgotten the other
argument against it.  I think mostly it's just using a tool
how it was not meant to be used.  (It's like using a goto
to generate a loop in a higher level language, it works,
but it's the wrong tool for loops).


From: "Tim Ayers" <tayers at>
> Why? It's just style, right? map {} in void generates a little
> garbage, but it would be neglible expect in very unusual
> cases. 
> Something I'm not thinking of? Thanks for the edification.

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