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Here's another common way to slurp a file into a string (after the open):

my $filestring = do { local $/; <FILE>; };

...and my favorite (it's a lot faster than explicit looping or join):

sysread FILE,my $filestring,-s FILE;

                                     - Rob

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Well, since we're on our one liner thing I have two.  I won't be able to
make the meeting, but the one liner topic really sounds like one that I'd
like to attend.  I glean a lot from other peoples tricks.

Here's how I read a file into one string, but I think it can be shortened,
if someone knows a trickier trick.

open FILE, $file;
$filestring = join('', (<FILE>));
close FILE;

In list context, <FILE> returns the list of all lines.  Just join'em with a
null string.


Also, a little something I learned recently...

I wanted to extract a HTML table element from a file, and this code was not

my ($table) = $string =~ /(<table.+?table>)/;

I couldn't figure out why.  Until a quick reference to the Camel Book.  I
needed the 's' suffix to treat the $string as a single string regardless of
newline chars ("\n").

my ($table) = $string =~ /(<table.+?table>)/s;

Without the /s suffix, it would only attempt the match on the first line of
$string if string contained multiple lines.

Lastly, I just learned a fileglobbing technique...
I was writing:
opendir(DIR, $dir);
while (readdir(DIR))  {
    next if /\./;  # don't want current dir and parent dir

But this could be written as simply as:
map { &do_file_or_dir } <$dir/*>;
map { &do_dirs_only } grep {-d} <*>;

Stuff inside the <> is interpolated as a double quote, so you don't have to
double quote (unless you want to).

I don't know why (anyone?...) but when file globbing, the '.' and the '..'
do not appear as they do when doing readir(DIR).

Just thought I'd contribute in absentia (and sans harmonica).


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