Meeting 05/03/2001

Heather Macnaughtan macnaughtan at
Thu May 3 10:31:02 CDT 2001

A little off-topic, but I'm having the same 'problem' with primenet.  I'm 
now macnaughtan at until I find a new ISP.  (no internet! aie!!!)
Oh, and I just got back from a business trip, but I'll try to attend today; 
if I come up with a one-liner before then, I'll pass it along!


>Tran Forsythe wrote:
> >
> > _Short_ utilities?  Aww... that's no fun..... *ducks out of the way of 
> > resultant bits*  Besides, one-liners are Scott's forte... he's gonna 
> > up on this one, neh?  (providing that he attends ;) )
> >
> > I'll send in a couple just to help out, though; see you then, providing 
> > world doesn't go boom.
> > -Kurt
>Well, so far, it will be a short discussion.  I haven't received any
>from anyone.  So start sending away
> > ps: I'm having some... 'issues' with primenet.  It's going out of 
> > To whomever it matters, please update your addr books w/ 
>tran_fors at
> > Thank'ye.
>Another one bites the dust...
>- Doug
>Encrypted with ROT-26 - all attempts to decrypt are illegal under the

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