Reminder: Meeting 03/08/2001

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Thu Mar 8 14:36:18 CST 2001

It's a nice piece of obfuscated Perl. The s/x/pack+/g stuck out like a sore thumb, but the unary plus trick is very cool.
                            - Rob

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No the DeCSS code that I sent isn't part of it:)  I thought everyone would
get a kick out of it though.


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I should be able to make it. Is part of the Perl 101 class tonight to go
through the DeCSS code Bryan sent out? ;-)

NOTE: If you are from the Motion Picture Association, the last sentence was
a joke - I was kidding - really - please don't send your lawyers after me...

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Please RSVP...

We'll be having a meeting Thursday, March 8th at 7:00PM. 
It will be held at Bowne, which is located at 1500 N. Central Avenue,
which is on the Southwest corner of Central and McDowell.  The parking
lot is gated, so just press the button on the intercom, and tell the
receptionist that you are there for the Perl meeting.  Park in the lot
that is straight ahead from the entrance on the South side of McDowell.
Park in any uncovered, non-reserved space.  Proceed to the main lobby,
which is on the Northeast side of the parking lot.

I will be presenting Perl 101 again for those who have missed it.  Next
meeting will be Perl 201.

- Doug

Don't anthropomorphize computers. They hate that.

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