Fwd: Mundie to Speak at O'Reilly Open Source Conv ention

Bryan Lane Bryan.Lane at VITALPS.COM
Tue Jun 5 18:39:57 CDT 2001

Is this Craig guy serious?  He thinks he can somehow merge the two
communities?  Has he read any of the open source discussion boards lately?

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> >Your members may be interested in this bit of news...
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> >Microsoft Senior Vice President Craig Mundie set off a far-reaching
> >debate recently when he introduced Microsoft's Shared Source program,
> >which blends access to source code with the preservation of strong
> >intellectual property rights by software developers, and contrasted
> >Shared Source to Open Source and the GNU Public License.
> >
> >There's been a strong response from the open source and free software
> >communities, accusing Microsoft of trying to co-opt the momentum of
> >open source with a program that offers superficial similarities, but
> >few of the real benefits. Microsoft counters that they are trying to
> >find a balance between the needs of commercial developers and the
> >lessons learned from the open source movement.
> >
> >"We think that this is a debate worth having," says Tim O'Reilly.
> >"Chicago law professor Cass Sunstein's book '' makes the
> >case that when people talk only to those who already agree with them,
> >their views become more extreme, but when they engage with those of
> >opposite views, both sides move towards the middle. The best way for
> >the open source community to change Microsoft's business practices is
> >to engage them in serious conversation, not just criticize them from a
> >distance."
> >
> >At the O'Reilly Open Source Convention on July 26th, Craig Mundie will
> >discuss ways in which Shared Source differs from Open Source, and why
> >Microsoft believes that the Shared Source Philosophy supports a strong
> >software business case for commercial software developers and their
> >customers.
> >
> >Red Hat CTO Michael Tiemann will then make the case for open source.
> >His speech will be followed by a panel discussion with Tiemann, Mundie,
> >and other experts on intellectual property and the software industry.
> >The panel will be moderated by Tim O'Reilly.
> >
> >
> >About the O'Reilly Open Source Convention:
> >The 3rd annual O'Reilly Open Source Convention will be held July 23-27,
> >2001, at the Waterfront Sheraton Hotel and Marina in San Diego,
> >California. This year's expanded convention includes over 250 sessions
> >in 14 tracks on key open source technologies such as Perl, Apache, XML,
> >Python, PHP, MySQL, Linux, and many more. The convention will attract
> >over 2000 hardcore system administrators, programmers, and Web
> >developers, who join the leaders of the critical open source
> >technologies to learn how to understand, code, and manage these
> >powerful tools. Held in conjunction with the Open Source Convention,
> >the O'Reilly Summit on Open Source Strategies, organized by O'Reilly
> >Research, brings together technology leaders from open source companies
> >along with executives (CTOs, CIOs, CEOs) from leading companies that
> >use open source software for strategic advantage. For more information
> >see:
> >
> >For more details on Craig Mundie's speech, please see:
> >
> >
> >O'Reilly Open Source Convention and Perl Conference 5 Early Bird
> >Registration through June 22, 2001:
> >
> >
> >To obtain your press pass for the O'Reilly Open Source Convention
> >and Perl Conference 5, see:
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