quickie Perl job - Scott, you out there?

Andrew Johnson lajandy at
Mon Jul 23 16:27:31 CDT 2001

--- Doug Miles <doug.miles at> wrote:
> Scott Walters wrote:
> > [I don't know LDAP, though I'm sure it isn't hard, so I thought I
> would
> > throw this out. Of course, if they give it to me, I'll take it.
> -scott]
> > 

LDAP is easy, especially after you realize all the hierarchical tree
stuff is really just being stored in hash tables anyway.  
> To whomever takes this:
> Don't forget to check CPAN.  I know there are LDAP modules out there.

A lesser-known activity is the Netscape Directory SDK,
found here:

Part of the Directory SDK is PerLDAP, Perl wrapper modules around the
SDK's C library.  The Directory SDK has the virtue of connecting to
LDAP via SSL/TLS (if you used Netscape's prebuilt library) and the vice
of not including the SSL code in the Netscape Public Licensed source
(it was published before US export liberalization).

I used this with success on a project 2 years ago; unfortunately, it
doesn't appear to have been updated much since then.  I merely mention
it in the interests of completeness and discussion, and because I
suddenly felt the need to waste time and bandwidth.  :-)


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