quickie Perl job - Scott, you out there?

Scott Walters phaedrus at
Mon Jul 23 12:20:56 CDT 2001

[I don't know LDAP, though I'm sure it isn't hard, so I thought I would
throw this out. Of course, if they give it to me, I'll take it. -scott]

Our friend at America West Airline has an emergency need for a Perl/CGI
programmer with specific experience coding in Ldap directories.  We would
look like heroes if we could find someone who could start this afternoon or
first thing tomorrow.   It is only expected to last a few days, but it could
also be a good foot in the door too.  

Please let me know what you think.

Thank you,

Megan Dodson, PDS
Technical Recruiter
mdodson at 

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