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>Subject: Final Info for O'Reilly P2P Conference
>O'Reilly's P2P Conference is February 14-16, in San Francisco, CA.
>This will be my last mailing for this conference (I promise).
>Please pass along conference info to your group members--they
>may have no other way to receive the information.
>If you haven't entered the raffle to win one of two free passes to P2P,
>please do so by the deadline of February 1st.  Winners will be
>announced on Feb. 2nd.  If you did not receive my email about the
>raffle, and would like further info, I'd be happy to send it.
>The O'Reilly Conference on P2P explores the business and technical
>questions raised by the most revolutionary new Internet applications
>since the Web. Napster, Gnutella, Freenet, Infrasearch, SETI at Home,
>Popular Power, Groove, Jabber, UDDI, you name it, they'll (see list
>below) all be there under one roof, providing a unique opportunity to
>meet and learn from the technology and business innovators who are
>shaping the next generation of pervasive technologies.
>For more information on the speakers or to register for the O'Reilly
>Peer-toPeer Conference, see:
>Speakers are:
>David Anderson, Director SETI at home & Chief Technology of United
>Devices Inc.
>Michael Bauer, VP of Product Marketing,
>Andreas Becker, Senior Consultant, Diebold Deutschland GmbH
>Jamie Bernardin, Co-Founder, DataSynapse
>Greg Bolcer, CTO, Endeavors Technology
>Dan Bricklin
>Greg Broiles, CEO, Turtledove
>Marshall Burns, President, Ennex Corporation
>Larry Cheng, Associate, Battery Ventures
>Mike Clary
>Ward Cunningham, Cofounder, Cunningham and Cunningham
>Roger Dingledine, Security Philosopher, Reputation Technologies, Inc.
>Cory Doctorow, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist, OpenCola
>Rael Dornfest, Maven, Developer, O'Reilly Network
>Edd Dumbill, Managing Editor,
>Andre Durand, General Manager,, Inc.
>John Ellis, Columnist and Consultant, Fast Company magazine and
>the New York Press
>Wesley Felter, Editor, Hack the Planet Weblog
>Jim Gallagher, Ackme
>Lucas Gonze, Cofounder and CEO, WorldOS Corporation
>Jonathan Hare, President, CEO and Co-Founder, Consilient
>Jamey Harvey, Founder, co-President & Chief Product Officer, Ikimbo.
>John Hebeler, Roku
>Justin Hibbard, Senior Writer, Red Herring
>Michael Hitz, CTO,
>Theodore Hong, Developer, Freenet Project
>Christian Huitema, Trustee, Internet Society
>Bill Joy, Chief Scientist, Sun Microsystems
>Gene Kan, CEO, InfraSearch
>Rohit Khare, founding member of's Technical Advisory Board
>Alexis Kopikis, Co-founder, WorldStreet
>Larry Lessig, Professor of Law, Stanford Law School
>Andrew Mahon, Director, Strategic Marketing, Groove Networks, Inc.
>Scott Miller, Indiana University
>Nelson Minar, Chief Technology Officer, Popular Power
>Dana Moore, Roku
>Zach Nelson, President and CEO,
>Darren New, Senior Technical Staff, Invisible Worlds, Inc.
>Tim O'Reilly, President and CEO, O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
>Ray Ozzie, Founder and CEO, Groove Networks
>Shelley Powers, Consultant/Author, Burning Bird Enterprises
>Karl Schroeder, Structured Document Designer, OpenCOLA
>Clay Shirky, Partner for Technology and Product Strategy,
>The Accelerator Group
>Marc Stiegler, Consultant/Author
>David Stutz, Software Architect, Microsoft Corporation
>Michael Tanne, CEO, XDegrees
>Kelly Truelove, Founder & CEO, Clip2
>Mark R. Walker, Intel Corporation
>Bryce Wilcox, Mojo Nation
>Brandon Wiley, Author, University of Texas
>Dave Winer, CEO, UserLand Software
>Speaker biographies are available at:

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