Regex question

Thomas Whitney whitneyt at
Fri Feb 2 20:10:17 CST 2001

How about?

my @list = $string =~ /(".*?"|\S+)/g;

I think it is faster without the non greedy though?

What is happening with /"([^"]+)"/g; How does this work?

What about with escapes?

my $string = 'DailyNAV "Print \"C\"" nav';

my @list = $string =~ /("(?:\\"|.)*?"|\S+)/g;


Michael Dearman wrote:

> Love a good regex mystery. This one still just that.
> Using the no-paren-mem operater  with your last regex appears to do away with the nulls.
> my @tokens = $string =~ /"(?:[^"]+)"|(?:\S+)/g;
> Why? *shrug*
> Mike D.

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