Regex question

Doug Miles doug.miles at
Fri Feb 2 17:08:56 CST 2001

Scott Walters wrote:
> Doug,
> |DailyNAV|Class C|||nav        <-- output of your version
> ||DailyNAV| |Class C|| ||nav   <-- output of same regex used in split() on same string
> Regex can match 0 character things, like with split //, $str;... but looking
> at the regex, nothing in there would match something 0 chracters long, so
> I don't know =)

Yeah, I had the same line of thought.

> Hmm. Tried a few other regexes that also "should work" and had no luck. Only
> thing I can think of is work around the mystery/problem:
> my @tokens = grep { $_ ? 1 : 0 } $string  =~ /"([^"]+)"|(\S+)/g;

Thanks for the reply.  I might just have to do the grep thing.  If I
ever figure it out, I'll post to the list...  Anyone else?

- Doug

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