Meeting 08/16/2001

Scott Walters phaedrus at
Mon Aug 13 17:27:29 CDT 2001

Quick facts to hopefully intice people into attending PM:

1. Not easily stuffable...
2. ...because users must have accounts...
3. the Multi User Dungeon that it reads login info from...
4. ...where it uses crypt() to velidate passwords.
5. Allocates "one" vote per person...
6. ...but allows voting multiple times and for multiple things...
7. ...and subdivides your vote accrost each thing you vote for

It's a quickie script, but hopefully it will spur Perl-related
conversation *cough* 


On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Doug Miles wrote:

> We'll be having a meeting Thursday, August 16th at 7:00PM.
> It will be held at Bowne, which is located at 1500 N. Central Avenue,
> which is on the Southwest corner of Central and McDowell.  The parking
> lot is gated, so just press the button on the intercom, and tell the
> receptionist that you are there for the Perl meeting.  Park in the lot
> that is straight ahead from the entrance on the South side of McDowell.
> Park in any uncovered, non-reserved space.  Proceed to the main lobby,
> which is on the Northeast side of the parking lot.
> Scott will be presenting his poll booth software.  See you there!
> -- 
> - Doug
> Don't anthropomorphize computers. They hate that.

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