Scott Walters phaedrus at
Thu Aug 2 13:52:15 CDT 2001

Oh, sorry. To further document...

use StupidFloat;
stupidfloat <n>;

  - generates a float "variable" named <n>

If you nest a bunch of expresssions, no rounding 
(truncation) will be down during it, only when data is
retrieved from the "variable", so if you have a loop that
is acculating binary noise, do:

foreach my $i (0 .. 1_000_000) {
  var() = big(old_nasty_expression(that(includes(var())));
  making sure to retreive var every time.

Hmm. Rather then putting () on the end of var, &var = 100.00
kinda looks more sane, more like $var. 

[Still jobless, if you haven't guessed]


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