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I haven't seen Embed, but if you want to use C in Perl (and don't want to use XS), you'll definitely want to get Inline (see
                           - Rob

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Hey Tom,

Well, looking at Math::BigInt/BigFloat, they do everything in Perl by
unpacking into an array from a string... something in C or Perl
that minipulated it directly in its binary format would be much faster...
what problems were you having with perls built in operators? Overflow?
Precision? Don't know of anything offhand, and I assume you've searched
CPAN... If you wanted to use a C library, Doug just did a demo on
[what was that?] Embed, which makes it really easy to stick some C
right in middle of your Perl.


On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Thomas Whitney wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am doing a lot of decimal arithmetic. I ran into problems using perl's standard arithmetic. Right now I am using Math::BigFloat, but it seems slow. Can anybody recommend a better module
> Thanks
> Tom

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