Trying to capture an error

sinck at sinck at
Mon Sep 11 10:30:47 CDT 2000

\_ Hey guys,
\_ I occasionally have an error in my ICM program, but I am unable to track it.
\_ Its an odd one, and I'm perplexed.  What I'm looking for though, is some
\_ ideas on how to debug this... I'll resort to brute force eventually, but I
\_ would like to save some time by trying to catch the beast in the act.
\_ 1.  The bug is intermittant. It happens only about 10-20 percent of the time
\_ when use a certain package.  I simply get the dreaded "Premature End of
\_ Script Headers". [...]

Unless you're evaling something in a bad and wrong way, this would
seem to be a server issue--otherwise your code isn't changing, is it?
So if your code isn't changing, what's the other player in the
equation....the web server.

I'm guessing out of memory errors, but that's just me.

Also, if possible, try telneting straight to the webserver and see
exactly what it is giving you before the premature end of headers....


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