Trying to capture an error

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Sat Sep 9 06:31:47 CDT 2000

Hey guys,

I occasionally have an error in my ICM program, but I am unable to track it.
Its an odd one, and I'm perplexed.  What I'm looking for though, is some
ideas on how to debug this... I'll resort to brute force eventually, but I
would like to save some time by trying to catch the beast in the act.

1.  The bug is intermittant. It happens only about 10-20 percent of the time
when use a certain package.  I simply get the dreaded "Premature End of
Script Headers".

2.  I have been able to capture other fatal errors and print them out
(undefined sub, etc), but my error catching routines don't seem to help
here.  Might that be because the filehandles are not being dumped?  (what
happens on a die?)  (do all 'dies' behave the same?)

3.  I've tried to get around the "Premature End..." by printing
"Content-type:text/html\n\n" as the FIRST line in the BEGIN block, but that
is not making a difference

4. The intermittancy has me thinking that it is either a DB connection issue
or that a package I'm requiring is in use by some other Perl script.  Can
that kind of thing happen?

5 Are there any %SIG tricks that I might be able to use.  (I already use DIE
and QUIT as error catchers)

Well, I realize this is ambiguous, so I'm sorry for that.  I'm not really
frustrated by the error (well, OK, I am...), but I'm more frustrated and
confused that I can't 'catch it in the act'.

Can anyone help me out?



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