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Doug Miles doug.miles at
Wed Sep 6 13:57:11 CDT 2000

sinck at wrote:
> \_ HELLOOOO! (HELLOOO, Hellooo, hellooo) Anyone out there? :)  I might just
> \_ have to start a flame war to see if anyone is still alive out there.
> \_ You sorry bunch of Java lovin' Python huggin' geeks! :-P
> Gollee, I didn't know that pythons drank java.  Or even normal coffee
> for that matter.
> \_ In all seriousness, if you guys want to take a break on meetings, we
> \_ can, just let me know.  I don't want to just be doing this for my
> \_ health. :)
> I just didn't comment since the one and only time I saw the rest of
> you had to do with Randal and Copper Creek Canyon.  :-)
> One of these days I'll get ambitious and raise my hand to present
> autoloaded single-table database access, but that's not this week.
> (DBI + Oracle magic + Autoload).  Way cool.

Cool.  I look forward to that day. :)

- Doug

Don't anthropomorphize computers. They hate that.

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