Meeting 09/07/2000

jim mckay jimm at
Tue Sep 5 16:52:54 CDT 2000

that's thursday september 7th right?

On 9/5/00 at 1:49 PM, doug.miles at (Doug Miles) wrote:

> I'd like to get some volunteers to do presentations.  I don't really
> have a topic for the next meeting, so I'm open to suggestions.  Please
> post some topic ideas to the list, and if you see a topic you know
> something about, please volunteer.  :)
> If I don't get any volunteers for Thursday, and I don't come up with
> anything, bring your "How Perl Saved the Day" stories.  I'm sure others
> would be interested to hear how Perl is being used elsewhere.
> We'll be having a meeting Tuesday, September 7th at 7:00PM. 
> It will be held at Bowne, which is located at 1500 N. Central Avenue,
> which is on the Southwest corner of Central and McDowell.  The parking
> lot is gated, so just press the button on the intercom, and tell the
> receptionist that you are there for the Perl meeting.  Park in the lot
> that is straight ahead from the entrance on the South side of McDowell.
> Park in any uncovered, non-reserved space.  Proceed to the main lobby,
> which is on the Northeast side of the parking lot.
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