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Doug and Julie Miles djmilesfamily at
Thu Nov 30 17:40:46 CST 2000


My name is Bob Divine and I am a project manager at Insight Enterprises,
Inc. (<<>> here 
in Tempe.  I am
looking for a full time Perl programmer and thought you might know of
someone.  If you do, please have them contact me.  I am attaching a copy
of the description for the position.
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Web Developer II ? Perl Programmer ($45k+ DOE)

Insight ( needs a Perl Programmer for a ground floor 
opportunity to develop data conversion and web mining tools to support 
an n-tier information infrastructure system currently under 
development. The system will include eCommerce and B2B communications, 
Order Entry/Fulfillment, Workflow and Supply Chain/Product management.

Successful candidate with be able to create, test, and move to 
production, Perl scripts for converting and validating legacy data into 
new formats.  Candidate will be extracting data from multiple sources, 
and converting into DTD compliant XML documents.  Candidate will be 
required to fully and clearly document all work done.  

It is highly desirable that the candidate have experience with Web 
Spiders to do data mining from the web.  

Candidate will possess strong communication skills. 

Skills Checklist

Must Have:

.	Strong Perl background (2+ years).

.	Experience with the CPAN XML::Parser module.

.	Experience with DBI/DBD database connectivity.

.	Ability to read XML DTD and populate an XML database.

.	Strong communication skills (verbal & written).

Highly Desirable:

.	Technical Degree.

.	Experience with Web Spiders.

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