Meeting 05/04/2000 - Please note that this is Thurs.

Mark Pease Mark.Pease at
Tue May 2 15:54:25 CDT 2000

"Douglas E. Miles" wrote:
> Mark Pease wrote:
> >
> > Thursdays are out for me for the next couple of months (and then
> > Thesdays
> > are out starting late Aug. so that I can teach the Perl Class at CGCC.)
> >
> > Hrumph....
> Well, the idea was to have one on Thurs. and one on Tues, so you can
> make at least one.  Unless you're saying that both Tues. and Thurs. are
> out?

I have some control over what will happen in the Fall with Thursdays, so
I might be able to make it then. Tuesdays are completely out.

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