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Wed Mar 29 00:41:54 CST 2000

At 11:15 PM 3/28/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Scott Walters wrote:
>> There are a *LOT* of web based chat systems. Every week or so, I write one
>> or two. Let's use IRC. We're a smart group of people, we can figure it
>> out. You can use any client you want, as long as it's IRC compatable
>> (which happends to be quite a lot of them). I've even written a few. Let's
>> be distributed friendly, standards oriented, and config-freak
>> friendly. Let's use IRC.
>> -scott
>Humm... webex is *not* a web based chat system (I happen to think that
>all chat system are lame.) Webex is a collaborative meeting environment
>that allows you to have Voice-over-IP or standard Phone based
>conferencing, shared prensentations/whiteboard, etc. (and a [lame] sync
>chat system :-) It also allows you to share the presenters desktop, if
>/(s+)he/ is running under Windoze.

I'll stick with irc.  =)

By the way, I am putting a bot on, to keep the channel
opened.  Anyone want to join in, I will see you there.  My nick
is Teratogen.


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