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Shay Harding mekla at
Fri Mar 17 00:18:55 CST 2000

Seems like a lot of jobs, etc have been posted lately so I'd like to take an
opportunity to post a few :)

The company I work for (CCBill LLC) has several openings for programmers.
Currently we employ 5 local and 6 remote programmers. Our main business and
programming has to do with online transaction processing (credit cards and
checks). We also coded our own Risk Analysis system which we are going to sell
as a service to other, larger companies. The programming is varied and always
changing. Lots of opportunity to learn and implement new technologies. We
program with Perl, C/C++, and PHP3 for production systems and use MySQL as our
database backend (may be moving some larger databases to Informix soon though). 

We also use mod_perl and SpeedyCGI where we think appropriate. Currently we are
looking into CORBA use for some of our backend stuff. Most of our servers run
FreeBSD, Apache, Mysql. Most of our programmers use RedHat Linux 6.1 or
Mandrake 6.2 for development. A few use Windows 98 systems (sorry no Macs).

Our IT office is located on corner of Indian School and Central. Pay obviously
depends on experience and can range anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 starting
with a salary review after 90 days then yearly thereafter; 5 sick days; 1 week
vacation; Medical. Pretty flexible with hours and days off. We operate in a
relaxed environment (jeans and t-shirt). We are a pre-IPO Internet company so it
can get pretty crazy at times. Have been in business almost 3 years and making a
profit (unusual for lots of Internet companies). This year we expect to gross
over $100 million and have grown to 53 employees from 12 last year.

Also, if you are or know any graphics/HTML/DHTML/Javascript people send them my
way. Right now we have programmers doing this work and they (we) don't make
very user friendly user interfaces :)

There may be some chance to telecommute since we are short on office space.
This will be taken on an as needed basis and will not be permanant. We are
currently looking for a larger office (again).

Well, if you fit any of the above e-mail me with a brief run-down of your
experience, etc. I don't need a full-blown resume but more information is
always better. Be sure to include contact phone number.


Shay Harding
Project Manager / Senior Developer
sharding at

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