Perl Position Open

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Tue Mar 7 14:40:44 CST 2000


I'm not sure about what topics to go over online. Suggestions?


At 10:35 AM 3/7/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Do we know what the topic(s) of discussion will be yet???
>Or, will it be free association???
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>It sounds like a good plan for those that can't come.  I don't know
>if the technical end would be possible in the meeting room, however.
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>I was wondering if anyone would be interested in having an "online" Perl
>meeting, for all of us that have found it difficult to attend the in-person
>meetings lately, in fact, for all Phoenix Perl members out there, whether
>they be in Tucson or Tempe :)
>We'd need to agree on a platform. I would recommend AOL IM
>(, since it's quite easy to do group chats using such
>software. I've done a number of them already for a magazine group I work
>Please let me know if there is interest for this idea and what your
>suggestions might be...

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