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Pablo Velasquez pablo at
Fri Mar 3 16:09:19 CST 2000


I received this and David suggested I post it to the group. It's a 
consulting job seeking a Perl Programmer:

 >The basics of the site, and what it will be, are as follows...I have tried
 >to synopsize by "category" of work that programming must accomplish.  If
 >you wish, you may see the existing site, which will be re-vamped in this
 >effort, at
 >1) Site architecture:  There is a master site, with many "replicated"
 >versions of same.  Each version is a custom version for FF2K sales reps,
 >though not all reps have this.  The replicated sites "rotate", so that any
 >retail customer that surfs to the site is "steered" to whose-ever's site
 >appears at that time.  The customer is then "Grandfathered" (all future
 >sales for this customer "belong" to that rep) to that rep.  Customers who
 >meet a rep can get that rep's bizcard, with the rep's custom site address.
 >2) We need programming to be able to link all data from these replicated
 >sites PLUS for any other reps who may not have a site yet. This enables
 >the rrep to opt to buy a replicated, custom site at a later date, and 
 >3) Auto Responder System: There are 4 products.  Each will have 25 sales
 >letters, generated by client, which must auto-respond to customer who
 >inquires about that product, 1 letter per day.  As the customer went thru
 >a particular rep's site, the letter must be customized (signature, etc.)
 >to that rep.  The letters stop once the customer buys.
 >4) Rotating Banner Exchange
 >5) Active vs. Total Rep database must be integrated for operational
 >purposes.  (Gena has a better understanding of this, as it's her software,
 >etc., that drives the data.)  From what I understand, this is largely
 >done, insofar as the OPS side, but not from the "tie the database into the
 >web" side.
 >6) Preferred Customer Autoship Program:  This is a sales-to-ops
 >programming need.  The program allows a customer to receive discounted
 >prices, in exchange for signing up at a one-time fee, by pre-approving an
 >automatic monthly shipment/billing of product.  This needs to "report" to
 >the company, via e-mail or download, whenever a change in shipping order
 >occurs.  In other words, if a customer changes from 1 product to two, or
 >double the amount to ship, (etc.) the company is made aware, to
 >double-check the operational needs and to quality control, as well as to
 >change compensation to the rep.
 >Client wants 100% programmed, tested and operational in under 90
 >days.  Your job would be to tie in programming to front end copy and
 >graphics, which is my job.  Please let me know your thoughts re. project,
 >timeline and $$$, ASAP.  Thanks.  You can reach me at (480)429-8300, fax
 >(480)429-8400 or e-mail at :  feinberg at

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