Tied Variables

Beaves at Beaves at
Wed Jul 19 01:57:15 CDT 2000

Well, just to start a conversation...

I had to delve into tieing a HASH for my current project.  I had used a hash 
to store a users data, but when I decided to change to an object oriented 
system, I had to do something with all those HASH statements.

Tieing turned out to be a neat little tool so that I didn't have to worry if 
I missed a section of code that still used the hash statement.

Basically, that made the following statements equivalent.
$USER->get_uid  < same as > $USER{uid}
$USER->set_email('a at') <same as > $USER{email} = 'a at';

Perl has impressed me once again with its versatility...

I am no expert, but if anyone has a 'tie' question, let 'er rip...and I'll 
see what I can do.

Tieing does have limitations, but it is a neat tool to stash into your bag o' 


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