Perl 101

Doug Miles doug.miles at
Fri Jul 7 12:48:32 CDT 2000

Thanks to all those who made it out last night.  We had a good turnout,
and hopefully we'll get some new regulars.  To answer a couple of
questions from last night (and raise a new question):


@author = ('Tom', 'Randal', 'Larry');
print "@author\n";
print @author;
print "\n";

displays this:

Tom Randal Larry

This surprised me that 'print "@author\n";' interpolates with spaces in
between elements.  Does anyone know where this is documented?  I checked
perop, but couldn't seem to find it there.

Also, the range operator (..) does not work in reverse, i.e.
@author[2..1].  It only works to increment through the range, not

- Doug

Don't anthropomorphize computers. They hate that.

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