Perl Syntax Highlighting with Vi

Kevin Buettner kev at
Tue Jul 4 18:54:27 CDT 2000

On Jul 4,  3:20pm, Pablo Velasquez wrote:

> This is half perl related :) I finally switched to using VIM full time. 
> Things are going great, but I do miss my syntax highlighting when I was 
> using windows... I installed VIM and ":version" does say it is active. When 
> I type ":syntax on" what happens when looking at my perl code is I get 
> words "underlined" and no color of any kind. I'm using SecureCRT to login 
> with ANSI color enabled. Meaning, I can do this "ls --color" and I see 
> folders in blue etc...
> If anyone uses color syntax highlighting and this question sounds familiar 
> to them I'd greatly appreciate any clues...

You should give xvile (or ordinary console vile) a try.  Its perl
syntax highlighting is pretty good.  See

Better still it can be built to use perl as an extension language. 
I've written a number of scripts to extend the capability of this
already amazing editor.  (Most of the scripts that I've written
are included with the source distribution.)


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