Please help, my brain is fried

Mark Pease Mark.Pease at
Thu Jan 27 15:27:59 CST 2000

Kevin Buettner wrote:
>> > No dillemma, understandablility should always win over brevity.
> Yes, but which code is more understandable, code which is brief
> and to the point, or code which is heavily commented with lots
> of intermediate variables thrown in?

And I agree. I "code" that I use in the reply was not how I would
write something. If a chunk of code is not easily self explanatory, I
try to re-write it, and then comment it if I can't.

If I were to write this sub to use, it would have somewhat similar to
one you wrote with the comments that you used, but I might not have
used the map, which seems to be the thing that confuses people. This
example is a simple used of map, so I might have done it the same way.

For the most part, I avoid map because I have spent to much time trying
to decode what I wrote two, or more, months earlier!
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