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Wed Jan 26 21:49:32 CST 2000


Unrelated topic.. anyone ever have to use the GD library before? I'm
finding that it likes to core dump, and the documentation isn't quite
accurate... is this the general consensous of the thing, or am I just
being a high arse?

> The use of "while" in this case is unnecessary.  "if" is sufficient
> because the recursion handles the case of two or more successive out
> of range characters.

Your right. I gave that about 10 seconds ;) I like your solution much
better. Infact, it made me giggle and think, "life is good".

> Note that if your programming language supports recursive functions,
> then it is possible to write all of your code without the use of
> "while" or other looping constructs.  (You get very good at this
> sort of thing if you program in a (pure) functional language for a
> while.)

On the same token, if you have while(), you don't need recursion. I always
thought using the evaluation stack instead of an array accessed by a loop
was just a bit of sillyness which is a side effect from most languages
wonderful ability to handle nest code, but complete inability to handle
the variable name space (excepting of course the Forth language)... so I'm
not usualy in a recursive mindset ;) Ah well. TMTOWTDI.

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