On another note

Shay Harding mekla at
Wed Jan 26 20:14:56 CST 2000

Hello again,

I remember last week sometime some more messages came across regarding symbol
tables and since I read them at around 2 am I was in no condition to go there :)

I don't remember the full scope of the messages but some instances where
variables do not get symbol table entries is when used with the 'my' scoping.

If you do:

my $var = 9000;

$var never gets a symbol table entry. So if I had some weird thing like:

my $var = sub { return chr($_[0]) };
print &$var(65), "\n\n";

Also if something is declare non-my but never defined it still gets a symbol
table entry. I thought someone had said the opposite but can't remember?

So if I did:


It still gets a symbol table entry even though it is not defined.

This is all from memory (which isn't very good) so if this was totally
non-related to that thread of messages just disregard me as a rambling fool :)

Also if I made a mistake in anything above, please correct me.


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