Next meeting was: (Re: Meeting 01/25/2000)

Douglas E. Miles doug.miles at
Wed Jan 26 16:25:56 CST 2000

Dave Warner wrote:
> Doug,
>    Great meeting last night, thanks for the
> presentation on xml.  On a tangential note, the link
> for invisible worlds is:

Thanks.  Here is the list I have for topic ideas.  Please let me know if
you have any to add, or especialy if you want to volunteer for next time
(hint, hint ;) ).

David Warner:
- mod_perl/apache (setup/overview/use).
- using databases with DBI.
- perlisms (some things look different in Perl!) 
- object-oriented perl.
- regular expressions in practical use.
- using "pod" in your scripts.
- Book reviews - the good, the bad, the necessary.
- Web resources.
- Diffs between Unix and NT Perl.

Tim Beavers:
- Symbol Table/Type Globs

Scott Walters:
- Perl/Tk

I also had a request to re-do perl 101 again.

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