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Thu Feb 10 12:39:23 CST 2000

I just tried it, and it works great (less filling too!)!  You rock!

Beaves at wrote:
> In a message dated 2/10/00 10:31:20 AM US Mountain Standard Time,
> doug.miles at writes:
> <<   # Make XML_ObjTree::* inherit from XML_ObjTree.
>    my $package_declaration = <<"EOD";
>  package XML_ObjTree::$package;
>  \@ISA = ('XML_ObjTree');
>  EOD
>    eval $package_declaration;
>   >>
> I think I mentioned this in a previous post, but this eval is unecessary.
> You just have to declare at least one variable in the package and that
> package springs into existence.  And, it doesn't matter what the current
> package is.  So the above code could be reduced to one line with no eval.
> # package is the current package.
> @{"XML_ObjTree::$package\::ISA"}  = ('XML_ObjTree');
> and the package XML_ObjTree::$package will be created.  Note, you have to
> escape the first colon before the 'ISA'.  If you don't, then you'll be
> interpolating the variable $ISA in the package 'package' which is not what
> you want in this case.
> If someone doesn't quite get this stuff, post your questions. Since I started
> understanding a bit about Perl packages and symbol tables, I've found the
> above technique and stuff similar to it to be VERY useful.  I think it should
> be in everyone's Bag o' Tricks.
> Tim

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