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Doug Miles doug.miles at
Tue Aug 22 18:58:47 CDT 2000

There is a new PHP group starting in town.  I thought some of you might
be interested...

Eric Thelin wrote:
> I have found out that tuesday is the orientation for new college
> students so all rooms are already taken on the planned date of tuesday
> the 22 so we are moving the meeting to WEDNESDAY AUG. 23.  We have a
> smaller room reserved for this time and a room reserved for next month
> and there after that we can definately grow into, it can probably seat
> about 60!  And more importantly it has net connectivity.
> I am planning to discuss where we want the group to go, what topics we
> want presented, who can present, how we can get people to join the
> group, what our website should be like, etc.  So invite everyone you
> know who uses PHP or has interest in learning it so they can have a
> voice in planning the direction of the group.  It will be a great
> opportunity to mold the group according to our dreams (or lack there of.)
> Here are the directions to the current and planned future meeting
> locations:
> This month, WEDNESDAY Aug 23 @ 7:00:
> Park in the visitors parking on the North side.  Turn into MCC at the
> light on Southern between Alma School and Dobson.  Go to the Kirk
> Student Center Cafeteria.  This building is the one with the large clock
> tower in the center of the MCC campus.  Go down stairs by the elevators
> labeled conference rooms.  The room this month is the Papago Room.
> In the future, 4th TUESDAY of each month @ 7:00:
> Go to the Kirk Student Center Cafeteria it is the one with the large clock
> tower in the center of the MCC campus.  Go down the stairs that face
> East and go to the Kiba room which has a glass door.
> Eric
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- Doug

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