Next meeting topic

Tran Forsythe forsythe at
Thu Sep 23 00:37:29 CDT 1999

Tim: Hmm.. I'd agree regarding not breaking it up into two
classifications... when I bought and read through the Learning Perl book
(after reading thru Perl Prog. & Adv. Perl Prog.), I was expecting to not
find any hugely cute tricks.  Boy, was I wrong.  There's always a new thing
to learn, even about the core.  Me, I think most Perlers are obsessing about
modules overly much... there's so blasted much you can do just using the
basic functions ;)

Also, dunno how many people know of it, but there's a place online to buy
tech-books for even lower prices than amazon.  The url?
(I've been shopping there for years, and it's always less than Amazon)

Lastly, Pablo, kudos for the idea - and here's a crazy add-on; assuming we
get our foot in the Univ.'s door, and assuming that there's interest for it
within our own group, one thing we can offer the Univ. as an incentive is
free (group-based) Perl tutoring.  (Teaching this stuff is a blast.. even
the instructor learns more about it.. nor does it look bad on a resume ;) )


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