Next meeting topic

Douglas E. Miles doug.miles at
Wed Sep 22 10:43:44 CDT 1999

"Warner, David" wrote:
> Great meeting last night!!!  Thanks again to Bowne for the
> accomodations.  Re: next meeting topic - perhaps an intro/overview of
> CPAN might be snuck in...even if its just a guide to using
>  Or should we save it for another night?

David, you read my mind.  I definitely want to cover CPAN (the greatest
thing since Perl)!  There's a lot to cover though, so it may take more
than one meeting.

People understand instinctively that the best way for computer
programs to communicate with each other is for each of the them
to be strict in what they emit, and liberal in what they accept.
The odd thing is that people themselves are not willing to be
strict in how they speak, and liberal in how they listen.
--Larry Wall, 2nd State of the Onion Address, August 1998

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