Meeting 09/21/1999

Douglas E. Miles doug.miles at
Wed Sep 22 09:22:10 CDT 1999

Shay Harding wrote:
> Sorry I wasn't able to make the meeting. We hired several new programmers
> at work so I had my hands full with them all day and had work piled up
> because of it.
> Can any one let me in on what happened?

I could, but then I'd have to kill you. ;)  We talked about the web site
(or lack thereof), and the plan is that I will set up the ugly page that
I have, and we'll just let people start making changes, sending them to
me.  Also, people can make suggestions, send CGI scripts, or what ever. 
We're just going to start doing it, and see where we end up.

Also, Kurt had a fine presentation on self extracting archives using
MIME::Base64.  It's really quite clever.  I'm sure if you ask nicely,
Kurt will send you the code.  Sorry you couldn't make it.

People understand instinctively that the best way for computer programs
communicate with each other is for each of the them to be strict in what
emit, and liberal in what they accept. The odd thing is that people
are not willing to be strict in how they speak, and liberal in how they
--Larry Wall, 2nd State of the Onion Address, August 1998

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