New meeting place

David Sinck sinck at
Thu Sep 2 10:28:01 CDT 1999

\_ 1.  This one takes all the parameters from your HTML form
\_ input, and makes local variables of the same names inside
\_ your script.  
\_ [...]
\_ use CGI;
\_ my $q=new CGI;
\_ foreach ($q->param()) {
\_  ${$_} = $q->param($_);
\_ }

Is it just me, or does this replicate the effort of 


Just curious.

Not only is there more than one way to do it, there's probably too
many.  :-)

FWIW, the cool thing Shay posted on sorting by size is classically known
as the Schwartzian Transform, mod'd slightly to sort by size.
Benchmarking put it faster than other 'create a key foreach data, sort
key, extract data' methods.  (So said Randal of Transform fame in a
presentation I was at....)


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