New meeting place

Pablo Velasquez pablo at
Thu Sep 2 05:06:40 CDT 1999

I'm new to the list, and to the Phoenix area.

>I'm game for a meeting. Been a while, but the new place is near my work
>anyway. When and what will we be doing?

Where is the new meeting place?

>I saw a snippet of code I thought was useful so I'll post:
>@sorted_by_size = 
>  map { $_->[0] } 
>  sort { $a->[1] <=> $b->[1] } 
>  map { [$_, -s] } 
>  @files;

I'm a big fan of this piece of code, I use it considerably with our MySQL
db. Here's a variation used with a records retrieval using DBI:

#login to MySQL, etc, now get the stuff

$student_records = $sth->fetchall_arrayref;

#here we sort (alphabetically) the student records 
#by "s_alias" whatever that might be...

@{$student_records} =
map { $_->[0] }
sort {  lc($a->[1]) cmp lc($b->[1])  }
map {($grab_1, $s_alias) = (@$_); [$_, $s_alias]}

foreach $i ( 0 .. $#{$student_records} ) {

$s_datemodified = "$student_records->[$i][0]";
$s_alias = "$student_records->[$i][1]";
$s_total_points = "$student_records->[$i][2]";
$s_student_id = "$student_records->[$i][3]";

#bunch-o-html goes here using the above $s_student_id, yada, yada
print <<ROWS;



That's it...


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