New meeting place

Beaves at Beaves at
Thu Sep 2 01:37:37 CDT 1999

I have a portion of my web site 'reserved' for the Phoenix PM group.  Just 
how much y'all want to use it is up to you.  It's nothing much right now 
(just a shell, so to speak), but with the right contributions could be a 
wealth of ideas and information.

The reason I haven't really talked it up, is that I don't know if I'm 
duplicating an effort, and I don't necessarily have the groups collective 
blessing to run their site.  Kind of a politeness issue really.

Let me know what everybody thinks about the few Phoenix PM pages that I have 
so far...

Shay, I'll post your snippet with your permission...


go to   and click on 'Perl/CGI' .  The PM links are on 
the lower left...

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