Meeting 11/16/1999 Reminder

Mark Pease Mark.Pease at
Tue Nov 30 15:02:26 CST 1999

"Glen G. Walker" wrote:
> On Tue, 30 Nov 1999, Giffin Ron-P08295 wrote:
> > Scott,
> >
> > List seems to be alright.  PM people must be:
> >
> >   1) Taking December off.
> >   2) Have no tasks, therefore no questions.
> >   3) Extremely smart, therefore no questions.
> >   4) Assigned to C, Java or Python projects.
> >   5) Hibernating for the winter.
> or 6) Over at ASU at Fencing practice...

Wow! I knew that ASU had Under Water Basket Weaving, but course work
on how to build a fence! I bet they take the first month on how to
dig a post hole.... What? Not that kind of (Ah! an IS-A relationship!)
fencing. Opps, I guess that I have been foiled again.

(Sorry, I'm just rattling my saber.)

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